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Why A Wotpod Is All You Need on Your Next Camping Trip

Going out on a camping trip may be one of the most exciting things that you may do in a long time. While there is a rush in getting ready for an excursion, the truth is that you also need to spend a lot of time and energy in getting everything ready. There are a lot of things that you need to remember to carry so that your trip is a smooth and enjoyable one. While it is true that you do not go out on camping tours for comfort, some amount of safety and convenience is always welcomed. It is for this reason that you need to consider getting yourself a teardrop trailer, like the Australian made teardrop vans. The truth is that when you have the right trailer caravan, there is little else that you have to worry about.

There are a lot of reasons why so many experienced travelers vouch for trailer caravans and don’t worry about anything else when they have it while embarking on an outdoor trip. If you are aware of how your caravan can be your best travel mate, you can be sure about leveraging its benefits viably. Here are some of the ways in which the use of the trailer can be of help to you and why it is all you will need:

The Toilet:

One of the most important things that you need on an outdoor trip is a toilet that you can use safely and with comfort. While people have to go through great lengths to be able to have their nature’s calls answered, the use of the teardrop trailer can be extremely comfortable and practically viable when it is from the right brand. The best brands offering the caravans offer options that are highly convenient for use when it comes to caravan toilets.

The Kitchen:

Getting filling and satisfying food after hiking can be something that a lot of people crave. However, at most times, all you can expect from your trip is cold and dry munchies. When you have trailer caravans from brands like Wotpods, you can be sure about getting your fill of the best foods during your camping trips even from cheap teardrop campers since the pods come with in-built kitchens that are highly function and extremely practical for outdoor tours.

Storage Space:

When you are on your outdoor trip, you can also be in need of enough storage space for all the stuff that you need on your camping tour. While you may not have enough boot space in your vehicle, the use of a teardrop caravan can be perfect to store all your camping items comfortably without compromising on your vehicle space.

Sleeping Comfortably: If you have access to the right trailer caravans, you can be sure about having comfortable and safe sleeping spaces. No more bugs and bears troubling you as you camp through the night. Your pod keeps you safe and well-rested for your adventure on the next day.

Teardrop Caravans

Simple Hacks To Make Caravans Life Easier

As for the situation and especially this pandemic situation, everyone is living a safe life, but still, everyone loves fresh air, fresh thoughts, and a break which is a must for each person either he or she is working, a housewife, children, or anyone. So you must love some hacks to be introduced to you that will make your life more simple and more fun-loving. These are the only spots for life hacks because you need to grab a lot of adventures and equipment. Teardrop Caravans go a long way in making your life easier and simple!

In fact, saving the smallest and more decor tips can be added to your journey with a caravan. Wotpods.com is all about manufacturing the latest and trendy caravans which experience the road in comfort and style. So here come the hacks which will help you roll in life-hacking.

Hack 1: you can use LED lights in dark spaces as closets and other tight spaces are generally not lit properly. And you can modernize it more by adding the motion sensor lights to the caravan.

Hack 2: More of the areas and short entry doors and intrusive cabinet fixtures with which heads are bumped easily, but it can be smartly converted into cushion head bangings. You can make all these just with a simple hack. And you can hang decor items like greenery, garlands in a doorway, lights, and cabinets, and all head bangings can be converted into beautiful areas in your travel trailer.

Hack 3: One of the best hacks for the caravan is creating an environment of the camper where you don’t need to prepare every time you are on the way. If you have decor items near your camper, then you will safely load them every time you are on the path. That is why teardrop caravans for sale in NSW are a great camper life hack.

Hack 4: If you are thinking about traveling by travel caravan and experience a flat, you can spend thousands of dollars before taking your teardrop caravan on the road. This is why monitoring is also important in travelers’ trailer life hacks. This way you will help yourself to keep safe on the road.

Storage and Space-Saving Caravan Hacks

You can try these storage-space-saving hacks for your teardrop campers.

Hack 1: Stylish jars, empty wine bottles with flowers, and glass cups are all exciting and fun things to have in your trailer, but the problem is that road trips can easily break them into pieces. And the main thing of such hacks is using old waste and material, and you can convert them into beautiful decor items by creating DIY.

Hack 2: Many of the caravan owners have a pet who loves cozy spots on their own. That is why searching out for a place for a pet is a great camper hack that will keep the furbaby happy. There might be a cabinet door that can be removed for your pet to insert a puffy bed. With this, your pet will feel comfortable, secure, and happy on the road, and will not disturb you in the path.

Teardrop Caravans

Gearing Up for Your Next Trip? Here’s How to Find Cheap Teardrop Caravans

Well, you have been planning to go on a holiday for a long time, right? The covid-19 situation has made things worse and you have been confined inside your home for so many months. Due to the present situation, a self-drive holiday is best as you will be able to maintain social distance while relaxing and having a memorable experience.

For such scenarios, a teardrop camper is the best choice in Australia. They are compact, pocket friendly and also offer great services. If you want to find cheap teardrop caravans, Wotpods should be the first in your list. This Australian brand is known for offering some great models which are best for budget buyers.

If you are looking forward to buy the best quality teardrop caravan within your budget, you need to read this article at least once. Here you will find all the necessary tips to find the best deal while buying teardrop caravans-

Buy during winters

Well, if you are planning to buy a teardrop caravan at the best price, you need to shop during the winters. Although Wotpods offers reasonable price all around the year, you might get some additional discounts during winters. It is because, during this time the sale of trailers are low and you can get a great discount and can buy a better model within your budget. It also helps you to beat the rush during summers when everyone is trying to buy a new teardrop camper.

Have a proper budget range

Nothing is possible without the budget. So, before you jump in the wagon, try to decide your budget. If you go shopping without the budget you may not be able to choose. So, try to search a little and find some information about the possible price of a teardrop trailer. It will help you arrive at your budget. Additionally, try to have a budget range instead of a fixed budget which will allow you to choose better models.

The next point you need to think is how to gather your money. You can use your saved money or can use a loan. So, the best way is to tally your options and choose the possible best source of your budget.

Have a clear knowledge about your tow vehicle

You should consider the tow vehicle before buying a teardrop trailer. Even though the teardrop campers are easily towable, the tow vehicle is important. If you have a simple car, you may not be able to buy a large camper. So, always check if your existing vehicle is compatible with the trailer model before you buy.

Ask for discounts

You can decrease the price of a teardrop trailer if you can manage some more discounts. So, ask the shop or the representative about some extra discount and bargain a little to get a competitive price.

Here are some tips that can help you in finding the best teardrop camper. You can trust Wotpods as we offer the best quality teardrop trailers within a reasonable budget. So, if you are buying a trailer, go for Wotpods models to get the best experience.

Teardrop Caravans


If you’re an active person who loves to enjoy the outdoor then teardrops are designed to meet your needs. They are versatile and easy to use. They also allow you to go to places where other campers can’t reach easily. A teardrop caravans Australia helps to spend best times outdoors rather than inside your camper due to the design of the camper. Some of the teardrop designs offer adequate space to keep your sports equipment.

These days, you can even plan to visit a state park. There are definite benefits to out a state park on your list. They are less crowded than national parks. Depending upon the location of the park, you can enjoy variety of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, boating, bird watching and viewing wildlife and just relaxing in a peaceful environment. While camping in teardrop vans new south wales, make sure to reserve your site in advance. The cost of state park always remain less than commercial campgrounds and some of the state parks even allow long-term stays. Just remember that amenities vary from park to park as some of the sites offer all the bells and whistles you get at commercial campgrounds. Explore online to know more about the different amenities available as not all state parks accommodate large campers.

Wotpods take great pride in design and development of latest range of teardrop campers Australia. The use of best software ensures that all parts are accurate and fit together with tight tolerances. The overall length of the cabin is 2400mm and extra platform 300mm and Drawbar in 1500mm. It has 30amp regulator i.e3k 240v inverter for the use of electronic appliances like refrigerator. The benefit of using these components is that they all work in unison with no further problems. The battery technology and use of solar panels allows the full power to the better to be used. The chassis 65x35x4mm RHS are made up of White laminate, matt finish fully insulated with UV gel coatings and high grade marine ply sides. There is a water storage container under the chassis with a tap to release the grey water conveniently by tap. Teardrop caravans have excellent off-road – independent suspension, brakes, and larger tyres, reinforced. The use of leaf spring suspension can be made possible depending on the tow vehicles towing capacity.

Wotpods are built to the highest standards combined cabinetry experience of over 120 years with experienced team. Kitchen tops are timber top with lacquered finish and white HMR 16 mm. Apart from this, the skylight and window both have fly screens and full weather seals. If you don’t get the solar upgrade then all Wotpods come with a 100amp deep cycle battery which will work for around 3-days on an average. Don’t forget to carry your own battery charger and extension cord. You can even enjoy TV viewing with Mounted 24inch HD TV USB HDMI DVD & remote and listen your favorite music on Bluetooth speaker in Australian Most Popular Teardrop Caravan. The prototype was great, but our upgrade is something special which will be launched soon. Visit and avail the special pre-order price.

Teardrop Caravans

Advantages Of Teardrop Caravans To Experience Amazing Vacations

In recent time, the teardrop has resurged as a trendy way to hit the road and bring some essentials along with from your home. Teardrops trailers can be easily identified due to large front section that tapers back in the end to create a teardrop-shaped profile. The front area is considered as sleeping section and back area is built as a galley and storage area. We are now in the middle of resurgence of the trailers from 1940s to 50s. Campers across the country can easily be switched from full-sized campers to teardrops. Although; teardrops are small still they offer lot of advantages that can’t be ignored.

teardrop vans new south wales

Aesthetics and Function

Teardrops are popular models and custom-made rides are amazing. Wooden exteriors, retro designs and makes trailers as most appealing towable in the market. A teardrop trailer provides adequate sleeping space for two to three people while offering kitchen space too. Wotpods offer range of teardrops with well-fitted AC, TVs and other amenities too.

Teardrop trailers are the smallest type of trailer. As the teardrop is having a minimal size so it can be hauled by any vehicle even with small cars and even motorcycles. We can say that anything in the garage has the power to haul a teardrop trailer.

Lower Cost

Another benefit of small stature of trailers is that it won’t cost you money. The vehicle won’t need to work hard and even the smallest of RV sizes will fit as a teardrop trailer and they are easy to control on road. All this makes it as an excellent RV. Even a luxury teardrop trailer costs less than a large-scale RV. If you are an outdoor enthusiast looking forward to experience camping then buy affordable teardrop campers for sale that are put together in excellent designs.

Easily Towable

First of all, teardrop trailers are lighter than other campers. This makes them easy to tow than a larger camper. It’s not necessary to hire a pickup truck for camping. Indeed, an SUV or even the sedan can take your teardrop wherever you want to go. The small size makes it easier to tow and maneuver and this further makes it easier to reach best destinations.


From advanced kitchenettes to awnings for shade to even tent attachments, teardrop vans Sydney can be customized with different attachments. The cost of such up gradations and attachments is affordable and you can deck up your teardrop trailer in a lower price than a RV. The parking of a teardrop trailer seems to be easy as most of the homeowners find it difficult to park a large trailer. This enhances savings and minimizes wastage of money on storage fees.

More Comfortable than a Tent

Tent camping appeals to most of us but it will create a problem when weather interruptions occur. Teardrop camping puts you close to nature and gives an exciting outdoor experience wherein you will feel like home and can shelter yourself to have a sound sleep. Find out the best teardrop caravans for sale NSW at wotpods for an amazing journey.

Aesthetically Desirable

The vintage designs are back in today’s scenario. This makes teardrop campers for sale much desirable for outdoorsman ship experiences and wants to travel in style.

Teardrop Caravans

Important Components Of A Teardrop Caravans

A teardrop camper can easily be identified by its shape. A large round portion of the camper in the front tapers down towards the rear of the camper to create a teardrop shaped image. The space where a traveler sleeps is known as the cabin and the back opens up to a galley used for cooking purpose. Most of the teardrops give a vintage look from outside but they are built with most of the modern amenities to live comfortably. Trailers are big enough to stand up. Although they are teardrop shaped but they gives best storage and meets the towing requirements and all system complexity.

The three most important parts of any teardrop caravans for sale NSW are the galley, cabin and trailer. All of these work along to offer users with a home while travelling.


The galley is mostly located in the rear area of the teardrop. The traveler opens a hatch to access it. Not all the teardrops have anything special beyond storage area for camping supplies. However, most of the teardrop campers now a day’s feature all the basic amenities like efficient storage system, faucet, cooktop and even refrigeration facilities.


The cabin offers the cozy area to make you sleep comfortably. It includes enough space for high density foam mattress and access doors and a rooftop vent for proper ventilation. Some of the travel trailers give option to customize it anyway to get ideal comfort level like those from TV, solar panels to skylight2-way fans.


The trailer provides the chassis wherein the cabin and galley rests upon. The trailer can be easily attached through a ball for easy towability. In the front of the trailer, a contain offers space for storage and a propane tank to battery to provide power for electrical components.

Cabin and System design along with accessibility

The design of cabin varies in different high quality teardrop campers for sale. Most of the manufacturers resort to basic teardrop shape with a tapered tail. The cost factor always decides as which type of grade of material to be used to manufacture any teardrop. The windows and doors which are off-shelf are small in size with rectangular shape. They make it difficult to make entry and exit and give a cave like feeling. Most of the luxury teardrop helps to achieve specific goals and incorporate large custom built doors and windows that maximize the ventilation and lightning along with easy accessibility and great comfort. It helps to improve ergonomics and functionality.

In affordable teardrop campers for sale, sophisticated systems get more importance. The designs are easy to understand to make best provisioning of electrical, plumbing or cabinetry usage.

Cook top, grey tank and other useful amenities

One of the most popular combinations is the provision of a gas cooker, running water and grey tank. The two burner propane cooker offers as easy way to cook food on the go while the running water system supplies with the facility of water tank, faucet and sprayer.

You can also keep your food fresh with the inbuilt fridge facility. A fun way to entertain yourself is bluetooth enabled speaker to fine tune your favorite music on the go.

Propane furnace with solar panels

Fully insulated, steel, marine play, fiber glass and UV protection along with the provision of solar panels makes you feel comfort to travel in any climatic conditions. Solar panels are capable to match typical 12V power needs when the sun shines.

Wotpods systems are designed to work well and deliver best for teardrop camping adventures. Those looking for a custom teardrop camper solution that includes more than just the basic components should take a look at offerings to get the best Australian made teardrop vans. Some of the special additions in teardrop campers make them even more comfortable.

Teardrop Caravans

Roam on the edges of Australia with Wotpods

Due to coronavirus pandemic, we have experienced a lockdown globally. Everything is opening up. As each one of us have coped in the house for the last several months, we all are most likely in need of a vacation. Getting out for a vacation is this time requires a little bit of innovation. Just enter the teardrop camper and explore the perfect way to embark on a comfortable camping experience that allow you to maintain distance from other people and get a break from typical environment.

The teardrop trailers were all in rage in 1930s to 1960s but they were lacking some of the most essential things. Recently, some of the easy-to-tow accommodations were replaced massive RVs with all the trappings of a motel. Even pre-covid-19, teardrop camper experienced resurgence as travellers embraced this minimal way to living and are loved for vacations.

While camping, all of us need the best experience for sleeping in the comfort of a proper bed. An Australia made teardrop vans offers much more than just a bed. The range of teardrop campers offers much more than you’re looking for and all the features are dependent on the model you choose. These trailers are easy to tow as compared to large trailers and allow you to stay mobile as you drive through different terrains.

All the travellers who are eager to plan an adventurous trip are seeking safe ways to plan a vacation. Wotpods general manager John Hancock bought the best range of teardrop camper built by Blake Goozee.

This has led to an increase in the curiosity of many to plan a vacation in teardrop campers. Wotpods are built to the highest quality by a team with combined cabinetry experience of over 120 years! The prototype was great, but our upgrade is much more than just a basic trailer. It allows you to roam freely to the best travel destinations in search of a night’s sky. Experience a lifetime memory with wotpods with all the creature comforts of home.

Wotpods offers a home away from home, a restaurant, a shelter for our gear from the relentless weather, an office to add the final touches to our story and a quiet room for a good night sleep. The great features of teardrop trailers are available at best pre-order prices. These trailers are extremely easy to tow and maneuver. They are built with steel, marine ply, fiber glass and are UV protected. Two adults and one child can easily be accommodated in these trailers. The best interior and exterior lightning provisions for no more fumbling in the dark inside and out. The other additional features like solar set-up, bluetooth speaker, skylight 2-way fan drift away in comfort. Quick access to running water and grey tank make washing up is a breeze and offer a quick drink.

The worldwide popularity of the teardrop camper is derived from their affordability, wide range of models. Wotpods will help you to re-imagine Australian travel with affordable teardrop campers for sale. Kick off your adventure this time and explore the beauty of Australia and capture memories for a lifetime.