Teardrop Caravans


If you’re an active person who loves to enjoy the outdoor then teardrops are designed to meet your needs. They are versatile and easy to use. They also allow you to go to places where other campers can’t reach easily. A teardrop caravans Australia helps to spend best times outdoors rather than inside your camper due to the design of the camper. Some of the teardrop designs offer adequate space to keep your sports equipment.

These days, you can even plan to visit a state park. There are definite benefits to out a state park on your list. They are less crowded than national parks. Depending upon the location of the park, you can enjoy variety of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, boating, bird watching and viewing wildlife and just relaxing in a peaceful environment. While camping in teardrop vans new south wales, make sure to reserve your site in advance. The cost of state park always remain less than commercial campgrounds and some of the state parks even allow long-term stays. Just remember that amenities vary from park to park as some of the sites offer all the bells and whistles you get at commercial campgrounds. Explore online to know more about the different amenities available as not all state parks accommodate large campers.

Wotpods take great pride in design and development of latest range of teardrop campers Australia. The use of best software ensures that all parts are accurate and fit together with tight tolerances. The overall length of the cabin is 2400mm and extra platform 300mm and Drawbar in 1500mm. It has 30amp regulator i.e3k 240v inverter for the use of electronic appliances like refrigerator. The benefit of using these components is that they all work in unison with no further problems. The battery technology and use of solar panels allows the full power to the better to be used. The chassis 65x35x4mm RHS are made up of White laminate, matt finish fully insulated with UV gel coatings and high grade marine ply sides. There is a water storage container under the chassis with a tap to release the grey water conveniently by tap. Teardrop caravans have excellent off-road – independent suspension, brakes, and larger tyres, reinforced. The use of leaf spring suspension can be made possible depending on the tow vehicles towing capacity.

Wotpods are built to the highest standards combined cabinetry experience of over 120 years with experienced team. Kitchen tops are timber top with lacquered finish and white HMR 16 mm. Apart from this, the skylight and window both have fly screens and full weather seals. If you don’t get the solar upgrade then all Wotpods come with a 100amp deep cycle battery which will work for around 3-days on an average. Don’t forget to carry your own battery charger and extension cord. You can even enjoy TV viewing with Mounted 24inch HD TV USB HDMI DVD & remote and listen your favorite music on Bluetooth speaker in Australian Most Popular Teardrop Caravan. The prototype was great, but our upgrade is something special which will be launched soon. Visit and avail the special pre-order price.


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